Myth & Buster’s Car Finance Scorecard

Finding the right finance product for your new vehicle can be confusing, so Myth and Buster have put together some simple questions to help you decide.

Car Finance My Buster

There are four categories to consider when choosing your car finance; how much do you drive? How much do you want to pay per month? How long do want to keep your vehicle? How well do you look after it?

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How well do you look after your vehicle?

Some finance options can charge if the car is returned in poor condition.

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From your answers a could be the best option for you.

Find out more about PCP, HP and CH below!

Personal Contract Plan (PCP)

If you're looking to pay lower monthly rates and change your car regularly, a Personal Contract Plan could be just the answer.

Learn more about PCP

Hire Purchase (HP)

If you're looking for a finance agreement with no mileage restrictions and you want to own the car, Hire Purchase could be the one for you.

Learn more about HP

Contract Hire (CH)

If you'd like to drive away in a new car, but don’t want the hassle of ownership, Personal Contract Hire could be just what you're after.

Learn more about CH